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Setting up an appointment was easy even though she screens everybody which is ok with me. She was visiting Iowa when I seen her. Lil work with me as I was called out of state like the day before our session. Normal two call setup once I was screened. She looks like her pictures. Im looking into seeing her again. Lil is just like what you will see in her pictures here and on her website. She met me in a standard top and blue jeans. She will take several minutes to get to know you on your first visit. Maybe it was me but she likes too talk. We both got comfortable, I gave her a back rub which I enjoy doing, on the flip we kissed several times then I worked my way south so I was able to taste her other lips. She responds well and will tell you when you hit the right spot. We relaxed awhile then it was my turn. She ended the night with her doing RC. She is very sweet and made sure I enjoyed the time with her, above what most ladies are willing to do.
Testimonial By : Dan2519   Donation : $550+tip 1 HR   Date Meet on : June 1 - 2014
saw that the lil mama was in town. I booked a time and did the typical two call thing. When the door opened I was immediately taken by her eyes. So very inviting. We hugged and kissed a bit. Some chit chat, donation on the table, and I excused myself to wash up a bit. Came back to find her on the bed, just begging for some company. I popped off some clothes and joined her for a nice grope and make out session. Soon we were both naked and proceeded to the main event. Yes, she is fine company.
Testimonial By : Tobe J   Donation : $300+tip   Date Meet on : Dec - 2013
Saw website and was impressed with models on her website and reviews so I called and spoke with Lil Mama, who was easy to deal with. She called back with screen clearance. I loved her photos so I started my escapade. She was easy to schedule with. I received the door knock I was extremely happy when I opened it and saw a sexy petite woman standing there. She looked exactly like her photos and was very accommodating, so much so I saw her again along with kenya
Testimonial By : Zach   Donation : $300 1 HR   Date Meet on : Dec - 2013
Let me start by saying I met Lil mama numerous time. She is by far one of my favorite. She will do the proper checks for safety which I see it as a positive sign. But time with her is always great. For first time you will be verified. At the door, Lil Mama will greet you with a warm smile and a hug. She will be dressed with regular clothes but sexy. We start sharing some small talk with little touches here and there and The pieces of clothes start falling apart. She is sweet and you will definitely repeat. Make sure you use the number on this site as some out there are using her pics.
Testimonial By : Mega Jugs   Donation : $225 1 HR   Date Meet on : Dec - 2013
This was my second visit with Lil Mama. I thought my first visit as a newbie was fantastic but she easily outperformed herself this time around. She met me at the door wearing form fitting jeans and a tight t-shirt. She has an amazing little body and you could really tell where every curve was. She greeted me with a big hug and immediately made me feel at ease. We sat on the bed for a few minutes and chatted. She told me she had a surprise for me and stood up and peeled off her jeans and t-shirt to reveal a super sexy blue and black bra and panty set from Victorias Secret and she really rocked it. After a few spins to let me see it all...she was ready to get on with the fun.
Testimonial By : Cok Fight   Donation : $300+tip 1HR   Date Meet on : Nov - 2013
Made appointment easily. As appears to be her custom, she asked me to stop at a nearly McDonalds on the way and buy her a smoothie, which I did. Though her pictures on her Backpage ad are accurate, I found Little Mama to be younger looking and better looking than her pictures in her ad would lead you to believe. She is pleasant, gave me a real good massage, and I left happy.
Testimonial By : Jacki Chan   Donation : $1000+tip 1HR   Date Meet on : Nov - 2013
Saw her ad in back page. I typically like large breasted petite women. Thought I would give her a shot. I had a Friday afternoon free and decided to give her shot. Called her up; set up the appointment; got directions to her hotel in Kansas City Missouri She answered the door. She was very sexy The pictures are accurate to the T. You get what you pay a sexy petite bombshell with body of a Goddess for that I will be repeating.
Testimonial By : HardStick   Donation : $500 90 Min   Date Meet on : Nov - 2013
City: Wichita State: Kansas Address: My place. Appointment Type: Incall Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes Activities: Convo, petting, cuddling, kissing, 69, bbj, daty, mish, K9, CG, lazy doggie, msog. Session Length: 4 hours Fee: 1000 + tip Hair Length and Color: Very long dark brown with highlights. Age: 26 Smoking Status: Non-Smoker Ethnic Background: Mixed Physical Description: Just as her profile says, very petite, beautiful, with a great personality. Recommendation: Yes
Testimonial By : Zurb   Donation : $1000 + tip   Date Meet on : Dec - 2013
This was the second time I have seen Lil Mama this week. I called to set up the appointment and she answered. She was available when I was so we made the appointment. She texted me just as I was about to call her - it seems she was looking forward to our date as well. She looked great and greeted me with a hug and kiss. She does not disappoint.
Testimonial By : WHITY1369   Donation : $500   Date Meet on : Feb - 2014
Not a big fan of agencies but took a look at her pictures and read her body stats and had to have her. She is tiny but athletic with a beautiful face and just a cool laid back personality. If you like tiny and tight body, I would definitely recommend Lil Mama.
Testimonial By : UNCLECHUCH   Donation : $1000+tip 1HR   Date Meet on : Feb - 2014
Saw that Lil Mama was visiting KC. Struck gold recently with Mama Id been eyeing this awesome looking miss for some weeks and as luck would have it, the beauty Id too been contemplating to meet I now had my chance beautiful was on.The arrangements were made, Mama arrived on time,looking oh so hot and the funtimes soon began.Incredible good time date ! Close too being an ATF for me.....Overall, an excellent experience.
Testimonial By : CumShotForHer   Donation : $400+tip   Date Meet on : Dec - 2013
if you’re getting ready to pay an escort wouldn’t you love to know before you hand over your cash that the babe you pick has an ass so smoking hot that she’ll cause you to get hard every time you think about her later on. Wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead of time that this lil honey not only does she have a banging little body that makes your brain sizzle and race to the edge of overload but she is also going to give that luscious little traffic stopper to you and let you satisfy yourself like no other will. I normally look for chicks that ask for less but look good enough that I can satisfy my needs but when I saw the pics of this honey I thought, “Well you get what you pay for and I want a beauty like that so I’m going to pay the little extra.” Fanfuckingtastic decision that was! This experience absolutely blew away every escort experience I ever had. In fact this hottie just may be the best erotic experience I’ve ever had in my life and believe me I’ve had more that my fair share of women. Not only was it worth every last penny but hell I wouldn’t even complain if it were even more. Now usually when you come face to face with a beauty of this caliber they can be very intimidating. Well she was not intimidating at all but she was very friendly and easy to get along with. She has a charm that will put you at ease and I can say with zero doubt that if you pass this girl up you will definitely regret it. Normally you get what you pay for but in this case you get way more than that. If you want to know for sure that you’ll get what you want then call lil mama and you won’t ever regret it.
Testimonial By : Sublimextacy   Donation : $350 1HR   Date Meet on : June 2 - 2014